Success Leaves Clues

Transformation, Change and Company Culture

Course Format: Video, Slide Deck, Interactive notes.

  • Transform your company culture
  • How to work change into OPPORTUNITY
  • Secrets to get teams embracing change, fast
  • Tips and hacks to build company culture that WORKS

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Constant business growth means constant CHANGE. When change is resisted, that’s when the problems start. Get your team pumped up, excited and ready to embrace change within your business and watch REAL TRANSFORMATION happen.

This course distills years of experience in change management, and what it takes to get company culture working FOR you not AGAINST you. Learn how to build (and keep!) the RIGHT team, what to look for, and how to attract the best talent.

Through a mixture of slides, video explanations and real-time interactive planning, we show you how to assess, plan and implement powerful change to drive wild success. 

Change is a constant – so make it work for you!


Ricky ODonnell

Luke Barham

The work that Ricky and his team do at Success Leaves Clues is invaluable and inspiring to entrepreneurs, business owners and people aspiring to be great! Great platform and products that make a real difference 👊🏼

Chris Brown

Ricky is an insperational person that goes above and beyond to help everyone. His passion for life and growing everyone’s business shines through with all of the help and support he can give - being a successful entrepreneur and still growing his brand whilst passing on his experiences and helping others do the same. If your looking to maximise your business and grow it beyond your expectations than talk to Ricky and see how he can help you.

Des Taylor

In just 3 minutes of talking with Ricky I was able to transform an idea into a sponsorship deal which I will be able to put in place for my business

Eleanor Munro

If your business is important to you and you are hungry to grow it, speak to Ricky and get involved with the movement. Ambitious, invigorating, empowering, expressive; words which come to mind when I think about Success Leaves Clues; what are you waiting for?!

Deborah Sharp

Ricky is a great guy with a great team doing great things

Mitul Kotak

Ricky has so much energy and creativity. He has a passion for moving business forward, self development and significantly the importance of a work-life balance. Ricky has shared so many of his ideas about my business that I hadn't even considered. He has a special drive that is infectious which has driven me to more and aim higher. I highly recommend Ricky and his team. His success is leaving clues everywhere!

Darren Sharp

I have been fortunate enough to work with Ricky on a number of projects for him and his team - which has lead me into one on one interaction With Ricky - he is one of the most creative and talented guys I have had the pleasure in meeting. His strength and drive is second to none - he is a great inspiration - he has a passion and zest that is infectious and he is one of the busiest guys I know (work and life). If you get a chance to work with Ricky - seize the opportunity with both hands

Jonathan Hopper

Ricky is a role model for creativity. His ability to think big and communicate outside of the box solutions allows his clients to see opportunities that they only dream of. Highly recommend.

David Vardy

I have worked with Ricky on a number of projects over the past ten years. Our most recent collaboration involved strategy and growth planning on a global scale that was both complex and pressured. Ricky takes the time to listen to the demands of a premium global business and delivers innovation, strategy and planning on point every time.

Ricky Conaghan

Ricky and his team are amazing. Ricky is a thought leader, his business advice is solid and sound and if your a business owner of any size that needs help growing, developing or mentoring you need Ricky in your life!

Simon Walter

In 30 minutes with Ricky we got so much great advice to improve our business it was crazy. Highly recommend speaking to them.

David Thomson

Ricky is a super star, a thought leader and a great guy, if you get the chance to work with him grasp it with both hands because he’s supremely talented. He always gives more than he takes, & his ability to come up with new creative ideas on how things can be done is off the spectrum, plus most important you’ll enjoy working with this guy.